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The Himalayan Mountains


Some of the most rare crystals in the world are sourced from the high altitudes of the Himalayan mountains. The mining process is limited as there is only a brief amount of time where the snow melts and these miners have access to source. They travel by foot on mule, with all their materials to mine as well as with all their food, and camping gear to trek up the mountain range. Generally it usually is a week long or even month long process of extraction with zero service. A lot of labor and love goes into this process. Once they reach the mines, they carefully extract crystals and carry every single piece back by backpacks on mules. 

There is so many different inclusions that make Himalayan Quartz extremely special and energetic, today I have quite a few different hues ranging from golden healer iron included, optical clear, chlorite included, and pink samadhi included which the pink I believe comes from hematite. A lot of these where it looks like it’s been broken off if you take  another glance it’s actually fully crystalline self healed Elestial points! The detail among these special crystals is truly breathtaking.

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